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Lunedì 30 Luglio 2018 17:03

Telegraphic report of the three European days of the Lanzichenecchi

It is not our intention to say how beautiful we are and how much we like our selves; it is not our intent to sell our image or our product: in this we have remained ancient men.
Therefore the summary is sober and is aimed at those who want to understand.
People came from seven nations: France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Holland, Belgium and Romania. With Poland telephone intervention.
The theme of this edition: Europe is Greek. An exhibition decorated the living rooms. As usual we have created four teams mixing nationalities in order to increase the European spirit. This year's teams each had the name of a figure from the Greek spirit. The final order of the ranking after competitions can not fail to reflect those that the case does not exist. First Theseus (the one who unravels the thread to get out of the labyrinth), second Heraclitus (the essence of fire as the origin of all things), third Eraclès (the force), fourth Pythagoras (Hermetic knowledge). Surprisingly, this order of arrival corresponds to the order of development of these qualities by the whole of the lanzichenecca sphere.
Competitions, spirit of body, eclipse of the 27th, dinner of the hour zero of July 29th, represent the "warm" part of the community experience. The "cold" one was represented by the reflections on the issues at stake in this precise historical moment and on how to achieve effective synergies to produce, or better to strengthen, effective networks. Something has also been clarified about what strategies and methodologies must be. Not only theory because some precise projects have been drawn up and since not a few of the participants represented at the highest levels parties or movements of the respective countries, the intentions are consistent. To deal with openness and active spirit many of these have traveled a thousand or two thousand kilometers by car and this is not a trivial matter because they are overburdened with commitments. Surprising that the French movements were practically all present at the highest levels despite the inevitable frictions. An exemplary signal.
We can say that, at the end of the third year, we have moved to a more tangible stage and that the first of the bets we have placed - and that almost all dismissed as utopian, confusing, impossible, unrealistic and so on - was won. Things move forward on all levels and this would be an element of satisfaction. It would be, because what made head has. So forward without narcissism.


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