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Open letter to Alexander Dugin PDF Stampa E-mail
Scritto da Gabriele Adinolfi   
Martedì 01 Luglio 2014 01:08

Professor Dugin,

your invitation against mine - and yours - Ukrainian brothers, so similar to the one of Elja Ehenburg to the troops invading Berlin in 1945, was not a good thing, absolutely.
But You were struck from behind, lets say by friendly fire, with the loss of your university chair in Moscow, fact that also is not good and for which I am sorry.
You are a victim of your excessive enthusiasm. But, as everybody can note, there is no ongoing clash of civilizations. We are facing a realpolitik process with all the aspects of the case, including agreements of Moscow with China and Israel, and as announced very soon, also with Saudi Arabia.
The same energy policy of today is very reminiscent of the logic of Yalta.
The future of our peoples, if they still will have a future, is beyond this politic and in the sign of mutual respect and collaboration.
Europe plus Russia is possible, but for this there must be a strong and revolutionized Europe and you have to abandon every logic of imperialism, because Empire is another thing.
Whatever may be - and there undoubtedly are - the enemy manoeuvres in Rus-Ukraine, you can not reduce the whole thing as the effect of an enemy conspiracy, as it is not only the result of a cynical partition. There is, basically, the pride of a European people, the Rus-Ukraine, which can not be treated with Stalinist contempt as too often has happened.
I am confident of the fact that those who reacted with pride and today are seen as an enemy will one day be the best counterpart of Moscow for a positive action, positive for all. That will be not the European submission to a Russian power that is no longer even a superpower, but the alliance between free and worthy subjects.
History is full of these examples.
It may be that in Maidan the cooperation between Russians and Europeans did not die. Perhaps the contradictions that had to explode just blew out.
Moreover, there is not, nor will there ever be, cooperation between parties that do not comply and do not know how to gain respect for themselves.
I know for a fact that you despise lackeys and I know you understand what I say.
Beyond the excitement and propaganda, European pride is essential for the world to change. There are grounds for hope.

I hope you recover your professorship chair.


Gabriele Adinolfi 


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