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An angel, a devil?

Why one cannot take sides in any of the artificial fronts of global gangsterism

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The cognitive detachment from reality is becoming increasingly massive; the Good-Evil paradigm remains dominant and leaves no escape for neurons in any field. If the oligarchies are at odds in redrawing the map of global divisions, the theatrical performance of “blocs” continues undisturbed but is absurd, as the presumed blocs are intertwined with each other. Everyone depends to varying degrees on others, and there are no clear divisions or opposing fronts in any field.
The theatrical performances for the masses serve, indeed, the masses. This applies to Ukraine, the BRICS, and Gaza, just to give a few examples. For those in Bloc B (anti-Western ragtagism), Israel must be verbally attacked, and the Palestinians defended in words. For those in Bloc A (anti-poverty Westernism), Israel must be justified and at most criticized, while Palestine must be guaranteed only with some dialectical formula.

Let’s check the facts. In Bloc B, we find both Russia and some countries from the Abraham Accords, the major exporters to Israel, as well as its strategic allies. Israel, on the other hand, has consistently refused to arm Ukraine and has even sent volunteers among Russian troops. The European Union, meanwhile, has increased aid to Gaza, with Italians being the ones delivering it. A coordinated expedition between France and Jordan is now underway, boasting the most Western-oriented government in the Middle East. U.S. Secretary of State Blinken, who is of Israeli descent, has started a tour to coordinate aid to Gaza.
This doesn’t mean the pattern should be reversed. It’s not that the imaginary Bloc A is closer to the Palestinians (or less distant from them) than the non-existent Bloc B. It’s all a farce where common and divergent interests of various oligarchies intertwine. They agree on one thing: their actions never align with their statements.

Even the alliance against the Houthi Yemeni pirates in the Red Sea is complex and, for the first time in a long while, includes allies from the world war: Italy, Germany, and Japan. This had happened about forty years ago with opposition to the U.S.-imposed blockade on Iran. It’s a difficult tangle to unravel, and I realize it’s challenging to take positions that aren’t visceral and don’t start from something positive but from the presumption of choosing, among various unpleasant options, the “absolute evil” to delude ourselves into standing against, rooting for another outlaw.

Hamas, like ISIS and the entire galaxy of Islamist terrorists, is not cohesive and has various clans and leaders fighting among themselves. In time, we’ll discover which faction had reached an agreement with Tel Aviv to unleash the mass slaughter on Gaza on October 7 (Hamasrael…). We’ll find out because that faction will take command of the downsized Palestine, just as we’ll realize how much the subsea gas fields and the hypothetical opening of the Ben Gurion Canal (for which alternating blocks of Suez and the Red Sea are providential) influenced this prearranged tragedy.
We’ll see how the Abraham Accords develop and if the move to prevent the rapprochement between Saudi Arabia and Iran succeeds.

In some way, Iran is right in the eye of the storm. But that’s not a sufficient reason to sympathize with an imperialist regime claiming to speak in the name of a god. The attack on Suleimani’s tomb shouldn’t make us forget who he was. He coordinated his forces in the invaded, dismembered, occupied Iraq, governed by a puppet government put together by Tehran and the Americans. For almost half a century, Iran pursued a policy favoring American interests in the region and fought against all social-national and pro-European governments.
It tried to invade Iraq in 1980 to prevent the realization of the Iraqi nuclear program with French technology and Italian assistance. Syria participated since 1977, with an attack in Baghdad, in the Israeli-American offensive against Iraq and Europe. If the ayatollahs are in Tehran, it’s precisely because of the Israeli-American need at that time, of which (as Irangate teaches) they were aware and willing executors.

I understand that witnessing a series of massacres perpetrated by criminal oligarchies is unpleasant, and one would hope for something to change. But if that happens, it will be independent of the gangsters. Not one of them is better than the others, just as there’s no one who doesn’t perform a positive function somewhere, at some point. Even Russia and Iran managed to do so in Syria, which says a lot considering that, for the most part, they are worse than the Americans!
What is certain is that we cannot side with any of the bandits. And it’s now so evident, at least to the subconscious, that even identifying the Enemy to oppose is not gaining unanimity in any of the conflicts. This is not due to propaganda but to the instinctive refusal to align with any hydrophobic and lying beast. We need to grow. Grow spiritually, existentially, conceptually: we must do it in Europe and for Civilization. Only this matters, only this is. The fight between clumsy imitators of titans – however, enemies of Olympus – cannot be ours.


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