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It's not necessarily a disaster, maybe it's a magical moment

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Let’s try to look at things differently.

Liberticidal turn. In Italy, the sentences of the anarchists Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino (23 and 17 years without shedding blood) are enormous and add to the absurdity of the restrictive measure akin to Mafia bosses of 41bis. (And then we criticize Hungary…)

Even more absurd are the sentences for the “undeveloped” devastation of the empty headquarters in Rome of the Cgil, left-wing union (12 years!). To this, add the crusade to send to prison those who honor their Fallen with the Roman salute.

In France, political associations are dissolved and public gatherings are banned
. Not only of the extreme right, it also happened at a meeting of Mélenchon, the leader of the left.

In Spain, there is the Ley de Memoria (law against memory that prohibits any reference to the national field and the Francoist regime).

All this fits into a constant reprogramming of individual freedoms (fight against smoking, alcohol, logic of the green pass).

Some see these things as the end of democracy, others as the weakness of the ruling classes. Both are right, but they misrepresent things.

The former start from a pompous representation of democracy which they confuse with freedom of expression. In essence, democracy is something completely different and, if it is not authoritarian, it undermines the peoples it weakens with chatter and bureaucracy.

The latter are deluded into thinking that the deep crisis of political administrators corresponds to that of the so-called “system”, when in fact it is the discomfort of those who are faced with profound transformations and do not have the cultural and spiritual tools to cope with them. Almost all will succumb to the transformation of the system, they, not the system.

The system is transforming because it must face technological, energy, and demographic revolutions and can only adapt to rearmament and new forms of autocracy.

Therefore, authoritarian post-democracy.

This can be experienced with anguish, lamentation, and the certainty of being crushed, and therefore can lead us to whine or produce hysteria. Or we can have faith in ourselves and in the ideal and act in two apparently different but contemporary directions.

Autonomy and self-centering to depend as little as possible on others and to reaffirm, updating it, identity.

Intervention by contamination on system transformations, with the declination and affirmation of heroic and community ideals and of the natural and interchangeable hierarchy so that it is inequality of virtues and not of clienteles, so that the arming of our peoples regenerates warrior values and so that post-democracy reconnects with the High instead of with the tyranny of the miserable.

It is not easy for this to happen but it is possible, also thanks to us.

Or we can continue to complain and lament, continuing to be prisoners of the obsolete political comedy and regretting a democracy that only those who have not really known it can claim with nostalgia.


Francesco Cecchin

45 anni dal martirio

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