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Antifa: symptom of endoparasites

But if this continues they will start killing again

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A ghost is haunting Europe: that of an elusive fascism that, nevertheless, haunts the paranoid and excites the repressed who feel alive in witch hunts. Those who, to give themselves importance and a reason for living, must pursue an invisible, preferably defenseless, enemy because among them, very few would know how to face a test of physical or moral courage. Their only concern is to annihilate an imaginary enemy of which they know nothing but to which they attribute all the causes of their existential failures.
So, we have returned, but in the absence of a civil conflict, to the dark times when killing a fascist was not a crime, and we are justifying the actions of criminal Antifa gangs and even the events of the “foibe” (these are the pits into which, still alive, thousands of Italian civilians were thrown by Tito’s communists at the end of the war).

Marx argues that history repeats itself as farce, but here we are dealing with a squalid and infamous pantomime. We are not only in the crusade to prohibit that those murdered by Antifa be greeted in a Roman manner but even in the claim that the peoples crushed by the communist heel, like the Hungarian, do not remember who defended them. In Spain, after unearthing the dead, a “memory law” was passed – a fantastic application of Orwellian language – that prohibits any positive statement for the national side, forgetting, of course, how it rose in the face of a series of massacres and a climate of terror in which the “good” were massacring their own people.
In Paris, 39 young people who were placing flowers on the grave of the poet-martyr Robert Brasillach were stopped and taken to the police station. Not even during the bloodiest French purge did any antifascist dream of preventing – let alone repressing later – floral tributes to the deceased.
Forget about the repetition of history, forget about farce: here we are in the darkest and most squalid subhuman dementia!

For this madness, the main explanation is the unhappiness due to the human misery of those who carry this stupid, blind, and above all outdated hatred; but it is not the only one. There is another: the historical evolution of the symbiosis between capitalism and communism that has allowed both to survive together, as mentalities and mechanisms, although expressed in different forms. China, for example, is a communism that has become capitalist; the United States is a capitalism that has taken on and promoted the communist soul. Russia is, according to its historical tradition, a deformed abortion that expresses the worst of both without any finesse and with very little of their respective virtues.
As for Europe, the fall of the Berlin Wall marked the economic and structural victory of capitalism over failed communism, but also the invisible invasion of the structures of the Hva of the Stasi (expression of the same Bund that originated Trotsky and Rosa Luxemburg) in Western apparatuses, where, favored by the preordained humus of the Frankfurt School, they grew like an endoparasite. That is, those insects whose adult females lay eggs in the body of an unfortunate victim and allow the larvae to feed on the living insect, devouring it from the inside.

But there are not only the children of the Hva-Stasi; there are Trotskyists in France, children of the Socialist International in Spanish and Portuguese-speaking countries, and Catholic Communists in Italy. All of them have accompanied and continue to accompany the capitalist evolution without pursuing any revolutionary dreams. They have surrendered to the mechanics, but in return, they have prevailed in imposing psychological and spiritual corrosive acids on the entire society they want to reshape, making a clean slate first.
Today, when there are no longer different political lines among them, but only different interpretations of administration and decorum, the same pattern of 1974 in Italy is repeating itself, at a European and even American scale. Back then, the “pacification” of the two comrade-enemies (DC-PCI) went through terrorism attributed to the fascists, despite all the evidence, clues, and proof, thus creating an inhuman and imaginary enemy that allowed the entire apparatus of the PCI and the extreme left to vent, with total impunity, in the hunt for the fascist and its suppression. And so, all those unfortunate ones carved out a role while having a snack with the “masters.”

The pattern repeats itself in an unsettling way. The only reassuring element is that the ability to hypnotize with online propaganda allows repeating the same pattern without the need for the hired murderers of witch hunters to necessarily commit massacres first. Just talk about it in a certain way for it to be perceived as real by captive cells.
That said, the fact that a series of psychopathic criminals, detached from any reality, are practicing serial murder, like the famous Hammerbande that struck, among other times, in Budapest when Ilaria Salis* was arrested, is a fact that will not dissipate on its own, and anyone who whistles, justifies, or minimizes today, consciously or not, is an accomplice to future blood. Then, as always, they will wash their hands. The experience of the enlightened and possessed bourgeoisie that provided at the same time the salon, the fuel, and the protection to the terrorism of the seventies, which first praised as providential and then justified by passing it off as a form of impetuous defense, evidently served little. They were not ashamed then, and they will not be now. It will be a matter of nature: some are vile by vocation.

*Ilaria Salis is an Italian antifascist arrested in Budapest in February 2023, along with two German leaders of the Hammerbande in a taxi, with sticks and hammers, immediately after repeated attacks by commandos of ten against one, against nine isolated national protesters, on the margins of the national demonstration, brutally beaten on the head, arms, or stabbed, manifesting crimes of international armed band and multiple attempted murder. A large part of the Italian left and media are campaigning today in favor of the detainee.


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