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The Medusa Paradigm

Of the anguish of antifa, obsessed with the Present!

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To attack the Italian government, the antifa company has managed to turn the celebration of this year at Acca Larentia (the place where, on January 7, 1978, two young members of the MSI were assassinated by a Red Brigade commando, and a third by a Carabinieri officer) into a national event that has spilled over into the international press.
Undoubtedly, the instrumentalization is evident, given that the commemorations for the victims of the Years of Lead are repeated, year after year, under any municipal administration and any government, including the leftmost ones. Moreover, the calculation proves to be technically incorrect because if the government has defined its discontinuity from the Fascist period, conversely, it has honored the victims of the seventies, murdered by antifa hatred, and this has been evident since the prime minister’s, Giorgia Meloni, inaugural speech. Thus, at the moment, the disjointed attack has turned into a boomerang, as the response has been: are you outraged because the victims continue to be remembered, and not because their assailants have never been prosecuted?

This concerns the tactical skirmish, but then there’s more, much more.
First of all, there is bewilderment, outrage, concern, and even fear for those indoctrinated as antifascists who realize that no law has swept away the astonishing constraints for their continuity.
The clique attempting to shake the majority with the “fascist danger” has succeeded in presenting a reversed reality to its followers. According to them, fascists govern Italy and are doing everything to revive the black shirts. Therefore, those who gather to pay Roman homage to their Fallen are foolish, protected, and bought off. It’s the classic neurovegetative pattern where there would be a civil and moral progress denied by mean and backward ruling classes resorting to the worst of society to oppress the enlightened.
This paradigm is now stable in various genres of fiction, although it completely ignores historical truth, blatantly rewriting it. Worse still, no questions are asked about reality. The only question posed by those adhering to this paradigm, given its unquestionable postulates, is why they can’t prevent it from happening. If culture can’t (sic!), then bars and handcuffs must.
In practice, the champions of Liberty (the one they had to turn into a statue after beheading it in the real world) invoke Creon to punish Antigone.
Hence, there is an appeal to the judiciary to intervene as the Roman salute would be illegal. Moreover, this is highly debatable due to different and conflicting rulings by the Court of Cassation.
Comrades should not honor comrades because “it is a crime.
It’s curious that those saying this are the same ones who honor the memory of irregular (i.e., outlaw) bands that supposedly fought for freedom. Whether it’s Gramsci, suffragettes, Martin Luther King, Jesus Christ, Socrates, Spartacists, Che Guevara, or Republicans who have overthrown monarchies since ancient Rome.
If reifying what the heart and sense of justice dictate to humans were enough, there would be no history. But, I say, not even life because almost always unconsciously, every person violates two or three legal articles a day, and if pointed out, they would continue violating them, deeming the code unjust.

Basically, if the wishes of the antifa psychopolice were fulfilled, it would establish a regime of police and repression that, according to their views, would be fascist (or fashionable to call it Nazi today). Following the Medusa Paradigm, where whoever looks at it gets petrified in their neurons, what Umberto Eco summarized in Ur-Fascism, all violence, oppression, injustices, abuses, discriminations, massacres, intolerances, mental closures, sexist, classist, and racist tendencies are labeled as “fascism.” There is a lot of ignorance about fascism that obviously does not fit into this representation; otherwise, it wouldn’t still have as many sympathizers as it does, who undoubtedly see it quite differently. But the main flaw lies not so much in this historical distortion but in the attempt to dump all the evils of millennia onto it, which certainly haven’t decreased after the war. Therefore, as is the case for those who don’t face reality and even less themselves, the blame game is such that today Putin, Zelensky, Netanyahu, Biden, Trump, the European Union, NATO, China, Hamas, and so on are all Nazis. In short, the antifascist Medusa Paradigm has nazified everyone everywhere without managing to make anything clear about fascism.

There is no law that can prevent a living heart from beating, and a bond from being maintained. The question that those poor antifa should ask themselves, but that we on this side should also ask, is why this sense of belonging is so strong that it has survived three civil wars, a world defeat, two purges, years of media bombardment, oppressive laws, ideological condemnations, and all kinds of discrimination: in short, the entire arsenal, squared, of what fascists in fiction subject antifascists to.
Let the former reassure themselves (assuming that reassurance is pleasing to them, given that they feed on their own anxieties) and let the latter awaken: it is not a political or ideological program because, upon closer inspection, even the radical right is confused, divided, indecisive, without prospects like the rest of humanity, and is more often terminal than alive when attempting to assume a level of consciousness.
No, it is not political; it is something deeper, more sacred, more solid, indissoluble, that blood, which is continuity and seed, makes invincible. Little material, much spiritual, and at the same time totemic. Perhaps this is what others should be afraid of: the lineage of the soul that persists against winds and tides, this metaphysical dimension that no Creon can eliminate. But they shouldn’t be afraid of us; they should fear themselves for the fact that they cannot feel it or experience it even towards their own, who at most are names engraved on tombstones, just as Medusa commands those who lose themselves by offering her their eyes.


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