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The poison of the servants

Same style in Washington, Moscow and Tel Aviv

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Global clowns

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We all see before our eyes the Israeli propaganda that accompanies the carnage in Gaza.

Essentially, it is based on these points:

  1. The killings and barbarity of October 7 by Hamas have no justification, and no excess committed in reaction can be questioned, except as a minor irregularity. It doesn’t matter if it involves civilians, women, the elderly, children—killed, starved, thirsty, persecuted, and left without care in a systematic and inhumane manner.
    Nothing has to do with what happened on October 7. And anyone who tries to explain October 7 also with 76 years of humiliations has no right because nothing is comparable to October 7.
  2. Israel defends the Jews, victims of discrimination and anti-Semitism. Anyone who criticizes Israeli behavior is anti-Semitic. The fact that Semites are more often Arabs than Jews is a detail. To justify anything, if things go really badly, there is always a wild card that others don’t have, and it is called the Holocaust.
  3. Israel is virtuous but suffers the hatred of the bad guys, from the UN to the EU, from the Arab countries even to the U.S., and must rely on itself and win in any way although it is “surrounded.” And for this reason, it “is indignant” if it is condemned by public opinion and institutions around the world.

It is not my intention here to address what is happening in Gaza, nor to get lost in the stupid bipolarism that drives one to support either Hamas or Tsahal. No mitigating circumstances for religious fundamentalists, in fact, put in place at the time by Tel Aviv itself. People who have not only instrumentalized the Palestinian cause with abstract and internationalist fanaticism but have not hesitated to send their population to the slaughter, hiding behind the lines, just like the partisans of Via Rasella.*

Together, Hamas and Tel Aviv, with the complicity of almost all Arab and Middle Eastern governments, have crushed and are annihilating Palestine.

What interests me to point out is that everything the Israelis say to cover up their imperialist massacre is identical and superimposable on the schemes of some others: Russians and Americans.

Americans always act for something they must avenge against a “Rogue State” or an “Enemy in the Shadows”. From the sinking of the Maine and the Lusitania, through Pearl Harbor and the Twin Towers, there has always been an October 7 for which “nothing will ever be the same again,” and everything from now on will be justified.

Napalm, atomic bombs, Dresden, Hamburg, Hiroshima, Nagasaki, around a million dead prisoners in prison camps, and up to Guantanamo, all “excesses” understandable and acceptable due to the “October 7” of the moment.

The same goes for the Russians. The tens of millions of people they systematically eliminated from 1917 onwards are nothing because everything starts in 1941 with the “aggression” of the Axis that threatened such a “peaceful” people who had just invaded half of Poland and were heroically stopped in their own land by the Finns.

We will not elaborate here on the background of Operation Barbarossa, which shows how the Germans reacted to a betrayal of already consummated agreements aimed at paralyzing their war machine. The third Russian betrayal of the Europeans in a century and a half, followed by the most recent one in 2022.

As it was then, so it is today with the Ukrainian issue. Years and years of harassment erased; the Holodomor genocide (seven and a half million Ukrainians!); the incursions of Russian soldiers without insignia to create “insurgencies”; the entire number of war victims in Donbass claimed, including the nearly six thousand loyalists among the thirteen thousand total. A local “October 7” was trumpeted with the “Odessa massacre”, denying the conclusions of two international commissions and the evidence of who had actually attacked, forgetting how the fire started, and omitting the fact that the person responsible for the security forces’ non-intervention took refuge with the Russians. Using even false surviving witnesses (a classic of the Lubyanka), they made imperialism in Ukraine a holy cause. And that May 2, 2014, distorted, twisted, turned upside down, and narrated with a forked tongue, became the origin date of everything. Everything that preceded it does not exist: like October 7, indeed. What do tens of millions of deaths matter compared to the narrative of Odessa?

Every reaction to Russian voracity is constantly branded by Moscow as an infamy, as a conspiracy of villains who want to destroy poor Russia, which is continually presented as threatened in its territorial integrity. Where, then? In the territories of others occupied by force!

What difference is there with Tel Aviv? And how much with Washington?

One might be tempted to say that this is the same for everyone, that it is part of the logic of every imperialism and therefore not surprising. But it is not true.

If we think about the Second World War, this style of behavior was Russian and American. It was neither German nor Japanese. It was certainly not Italian, nor French or English.

There is no trace of this during the Spanish or British empires, nor in the Portuguese, Dutch, French, Belgian, or Italian colonialisms.

The English, who certainly were never gentle, never resorted to this system of poisoning souls and minds.
They did not play the victim and essentially abstained from tedious and ignoble self-righteous propaganda.
They never needed a Pearl Harbor, an Odessa, an October 7.

They never cared about appearing severe but fair; it was enough for them to be severe.
“Right or wrong is my country.” They never tried to be presentable in the hypocritical and vulgar assemblies of the unbalanced masses.

Because, deep down, they maintained a warrior and noble heritage.
Russians, Americans, and Israelis do not

“I serve, thou servest, we serve”—so chanteth here even the hypocrisy of the rulers—and alas! if the first lord be only the first servant!” (Thus Spoke Zarathustra).

In my Nuovo Ordine Mondiale tra imperialismo e Impero, published in 2002 by Barbarossa, I also proposed the thesis that post-Roman modernity included its own regression of the castes and that the age of Globalism, established with Yalta, is that of the Pariahs.

The era of post-servilism, beyond the same Nietzsche quote.

Perhaps this is what it is about, not just the impunity of the powerful, not just the logic of imperialism, because these were never the case in the past.
Power and arrogance do not need victimhood and distortion of reality, invoked and fabricated to avoid paying a public penalty. But these ones feel the need, indeed they cannot do without it because from the chaotic magma, from the chthonic darkness that generated them, they are the champions and therefore cannot, literally cannot, assume an aristocratic dignity.

There is a Spanish saying that states “There is no worse tyrant than a slave with a whip in hand.”

This is probably what it is about today. Beyond the nuances due to different levels of crudeness, whether it is Moscow, Washington, or Tel Aviv, we are dealing with the shameful, brazen, deceitful, hypocritical, ruthless tyranny of slaves who become despots.


  • In via Rasella in Rome on 23 March 1943 a communist partisan cell committed a massacre of German subsistence soldiers with a bomb detonated from afar. This led to the reprisal the next day where 335 people were executed. The aim of these “heroes” was precisely to provoke retaliation.

Francesco Cecchin

45 anni dal martirio

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