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The problem is at the root

The abandonment of the roots has produced a relativistic, superficial and meaningless mentality

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For over sixty years, what has been termed the radical right has been at the forefront of thought and often of practice. For over thirty years, it has lost its way and – except for some reassuring exceptions – not only has it moved to the rearguard, but it has fallen into something coarse, grotesque, and often psychologically disturbed.

I have no intention of analyzing the contents, choices, and orientations of this field, as I have done so several times and it is summarized in “Goodbye Terminal Right!”
I would rather speak about the main errors in approaching reality that invariably determine wrong positions and projects, regardless of the enthusiasm of some for some foreign statesman or for an imaginary scenario. There are significant qualitative differences in hooligans choices, but nonetheless, even when acceptable, they are still unrealistic and without a future.

The first, essential defect lies in never placing a homeland, an idea, and an ideal project as the fulcrum of every choice and foundation of every analysis.
If I say that my national-revolutionary roots are based on my people (the Italian), in the creation of a homeland like never before seen (Europe), and that my project is to create or to support the possibilities of making it autonomous and powerful, it is on this basis that I must then make my choices and outline my orientations.

And, consequently, to reason about Putin, Biden, Trump, NATO, BRICS. Analysis may differ afterwards, but the fundamental value on which to elaborate them must be that one. If it is not that one or, worse still, if it is not there at all, there is no longer any political or ideal function.

However, if I speak from frustration, disappointment, bitterness, and only highlight everything that is going wrong around me, identifying myself with Brecht who proposes to open the city gates to the enemy, whoever it may be, so that he may avenge my social, economic, sexual, relational failures, I am doing exactly like Ephialtes at Thermopylae. But this is not a political choice, it is the typical existential frustration of nullities.

From the first defect, that is, the lack of something that transcends the existential problems of a bitter individualist, arises a second one which is total passivity, the inability to express an alternative, a defect that articulates itself in two immediate fatal consequences.

The first is that mentally and emotionally we align ourselves in support of the abuses of Putin, Biden, Netanyahu, Hamas, the Ayatollahs, with variations dictated by our depravities, but we never expose or build something of our own, autonomous, centered.

The second is that, in the absence of a true line, to float we cling to a buoy, which is that of our self-gratification as we would be the only ones who understood everything. To this end, what has been learned from the wisdom of retrospection is deformed into a grotesque abstraction and transformed into a conspiracy whereby a few evildoers would be at the root of everything and would manipulate everything unbeknownst to the ignorant, innocent, and deceived citizens. Our task would then be to inform these poor citizens of the truth we have understood (which is blatantly false!) and which, perhaps thanks to Putin or ISIS, will end up emerging as the villains who – here and for some reason never elsewhere – live only by falsehood collapse.
With that, we are directly from the madhouse.

But it is not enough: this violence exercised towards retrospection is the worst that can be practiced so that it is no longer credible. In fact, for decades there have been real organizations under the intelligences, especially American ones, that burn true news by mixing it with other grossly false ones and, above all, expressing it in conspiratorial cretinism which then, entrusted to charlatans like many of us, completes the work. In other words: there is nothing more stabilizing for the system than foolish antagonism.

But antagonism, even in the rare cases where it is not foolish, is distorted at its origin. Because it is an anti, no more no less than antifascism or antipatriarchy. The targets of the anti change, but in any case, a non-political identity is outlined because there is no assertion, but one qualifies by negation. The exact opposite of all the propositional synthesis of Mussolinian memory.

For now, I limit myself to the fundamental considerations, promising to provide new reflections very soon on the defects that underlie the analyses of today’s supposedly radical right, among which the replacement of the fundamental quality of its past stands out, synthesis, with its reverse monkey which is the summary reasoning from which almost all deformations emerge. In short, we make it simple, now as then, but no longer to solve, only to find the excuse not to do anything.

I will address it better, but in concluding this bird’s eye survey, it is necessary to note that from the described deviations, even the assumption of the category of “Absolute Evil” has resulted, which is completely incompatible with the Indo-European mentality and particularly with the fascist one. Which speaks volumes about the devastation underway in an atomized area. But all this can be cured.

However, it must always start from the root cause.

Everything is cured but it must start from the foundations that teach me that my national-revolutionary rooting is centered on my people, in the creation of a homeland as never seen before (Europe) and that my project is to create it or to support the possibilities of making it autonomous and powerful.

The rest will be corrected from there because the tree is in the bud.


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